e-Rezz began its life as a little system to help house concert hosts track their events.

The basic information information needed to track a house concert is really the same as any other event someone might have, so we've updated up the site, and are opening it up to anyone who wants to track an event.

We are going to strive keep this site freely available and ad-free to anyone who wants to use it to track events. (Please see the terms of service. Spammers and other evildoers are not free to use this system!)

Got a question about how to use the system, or you would like to make a feature request? Use the "feedback" button on the right of every page.

e-Rezz is user supported. New features are added based on user requests. Donations from users keeps the lights on and continuing development. These things cost money. We encourage regular and heavy users to make a donation. Any amount is appreciated, and the longer we can remain ad-free or fee-free, the better!